Learn the Secret to Innovative Events

Watch as Nicole Osibodu, Co-Founder and President of Haute Dokimazo, offers insight on designing innovative events

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Prevue turned to the experts at Haute Dokimazo, creators of the Spontaneous Think Tank™, Secret Family Reunion and Age of Conversation Summit. Download your FREE copy today.

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Learn the Secret to Innovative Events

Featured Speaker:

Nicole Osibodu, Co-Founder & President, Haute Dokimazo

Nicole Osibodu
Co-Founder & President, Haute Dokimazo

Driven by her passion and desire to improve event design, branding and people, Nicole’s vision fostered the collaborative concept of Haute Dokimazo. Those who know Nicole are inspired most by her infectious energy, her love of surprises, sharing, learning and meaningfully connecting with others!

Ever-committed to providing a fresh approach to event design, Nicole relocated to Austin in 2018 to realize her “unjob” dream of scaling analog human-to-human connection. Once only a side-hustle, Nicole’s role as Co-Founder + President of Haute Dokimazo allows her to promote the invaluable resource of substantive and meaningful relationships outside of the boardroom and beyond.

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