In Focus Q&A: Hyperlocal Experiences for Groups at Sheraton Macao

The Sheraton Macao Hotel works with planners to create hyperlocal group experiences.
The Sheraton Macao Hotel works with planners to create hyperlocal group experiences.

Planners won’t have any trouble finding authentic local experiences for groups meeting at Sheraton Macao Hotel. Prevue recently asked Director of Sales Sally-Ann Klap to share some examples.

1. Do you offer any teambuilding activities that facilitate creativity amongst peers?

Sheraton Macao Hotel works very closely with a number of event companies in Macau and can offer anything from building your own rafts to navigating around Macau on foot with an iPad on an Amazing Race activity. Aside from cultural stunning venues in Macau and the experience that Macau has to offer, Sheraton Macao Hotel also offers very favorable and spacious venues for teambuilding – such as our special event pool deck on a separate level than the other pools, ball rooms, or even our Sheraton Club Lounge, so we can cater groups, big or small. And to complete the loop and assist clients in all aspects, our Event Concierge team will be able to coordinate and facilitate the teambuilding activities for a complete experience.

2. Can you recommend any festivals that provide groups with an authentic local experience?

Being a previous colony of Portugal means we have religious (both Buddhist and Catholic) and non-religious local festivals throughout the year. Combined with Chinese customs and a lot of Macau delights, we can certainly provide groups with an authentic local experience. Groups coming in different seasons can experience the Procession of the Pasion of our Lord (Easter) to the Feast of Buddha, to the Macau A-Ma Cultural & Tourism Festival for the cultural seekers. For groups that prefer a bit more actions and fun, join us for the famous Grand Prix Macau, the Lusofonia Festival, Macau International Fireworks Contest, or even the Parade Through Macau, Latin City every year for the lights and sounds and cheers. And of course, our Chinese culture is not to be missed with a local blend. It’s always fun to stay in Macau for Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Races and enjoy your Macanese delights at the Macau Food Festival.

3. How important has the term “hyperlocal” become in terms of what planners expect from your resort?

At this point it is something that is still developing within Macau and dependent on where the group originates from determines what their expectation of local experiences is to be. It could be a simple something from simple entertainment inclusion of Portuguese Dancers or Face Changer at the gala dinner, or participating in a charity event as a teambuilding exercise like building bicycles for an orphanage and meeting the children. We are constantly looking at this aspect with our teams to make sure expectations are met, and to ensure we have the right partners and tools to perfect the experiences that we offer.