6 Best Selfie Spots at Atlantis Paradise Island

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Best selfie spots
The Lagoon Approach, Atlantis Paradise Island

To selfie or not to selfie? At Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas, there’s really no question; there are so many iconic photo opportunities that you simply have to fire off a group pic (or six.) So grab a selfie stick and memorialize your Atlantis moments with our best selfie spots. Because if it isn’t documented on social media, did it really happen?

The Predator Tunnel

You might be too chicken to swim with the Hammerhead, Caribbean and Nurse sharks in the resort’s Predator Lagoon but you can fire off a few photos with them as you walk through the transparent tunnel beneath it.

Poseidon’s Throne

You’ll have to get here early (or be prepared to wait in line) to take a photo seated in the oversize gilded throne in the Royal Towers promenade. But this is the selfie you can’t leave Atlantis without.

The Paradise Point Palm

This single swaying palm planted in the white sand at the western end of Cove Beach against a backdrop of turquoise Atlantic waves simply begs to be immortalized on Instagram.

Beneath The Bridge Suite

Think Atlantis and one of the first images that comes to mind is the twin Royal Towers linked by the Bridge Suite in between. While you might not have the $25,000 a night it costs to stay in the same palatial digs as Michael Jordan, you can take a picture beneath it.

Dale Chihuly Glass Sculptures

Three magnificent installations by blown-glass sculptor Dale Chihuly are featured in the walkway between the casino and the Crystal Court shops. Take time between earning your winnings and spending them to capture a shot.

The Lagoon Approach

With the salmon pink Royal Towers as a backdrop, any selfie shot from the walkway that circles The Paradise Lagoon becomes an instant classic.


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