British Virgin Islands Sailing Enhances Corporate Communication

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Offshore Sailing School

Starting April 1, Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marina in the British Virgin Islands will make sailing from the resort extremely easy for groups. In partnership with Fort Myers, Fla.-based Colgate Offshore Sailing School, the private-island resort will offer Learn to Sail Packages—a perfect incentive for attendees who love being on the water.

“Offshore Sailing School uses sailing instruction to take individuals out of their comfort zones, speaking a new language that challenges communication skills, while working together in situations where success is greatly affected by everyone’s ability to adapt,” says Scott Ward, director of sales at the resort.

The sailing school’s Corporate Sail-Race Challenge will get attendees out on the water sailing in an area considered to be the Sailing Capital of the World. The program parallels the communication required to run a sailboat to the communication a corporate group needs in the office. It gives attendees the opportunity to work together in a new environment in new roles, as everyone on board has to rotate positions from the captain shouting out orders to the one taking direction.

“Meeting planners and company organizers are able to relate skills learned on the water—honing four or five individuals into a team that together makes a sailboat run smoothly and efficiently—to business issues they bring to the meeting,” says Ward. “Each member of each team collaborates with one another to achieve a common goal—winning sailboat races held in the last two hours of the session, which relates to achieving success in the business environment.”

The sailing program is available in 3- and 5-day packages, as well as in half-day classes for groups that have less time. If meeting planners want to provide a less-demanding opportunity, Offshore Sailing School can arrange for shorter outings (two hours or so), that allow participants who have been in meetings or are on a reward-oriented trip to just relax and take turns participating as much or as little as they want.

The school has up to four Colgate 26 sailboats, which can each accommodate up to five sailing participants. They can customize an agenda to accommodate a group of up to 40 people per day, splitting the group into two half-day sessions. For those sailing buffs, other courses such as Performance Sailing, Fast Track, Cruising and Bareboat Cruising are available to help enhance sailing skills.


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