When in Rome…Train like a Gladiator

Rome Cavalieri gladiator training program
Gladiator training at the Rome Cavalieri

In a private 15-acre park overlooking Rome’s skyline, instructors from the Gruppo Storico Romano school guide guests of the Rome Cavalieri hotel through ancient gladiator techniques. The two-hour classes take place here, in the hotel’s 93,000 sf of meeting/conference space and at the school. It’s a grueling test of endurance and creative option for blowing off steam once the meeting that couldn’t be blown off ends.

A gladiator kit complete with tunics, Roman sandals and authentic weaponry prepares groups of up to eight for battle as they step into the world of the gladiators who fought and often died in the Coliseum 2,000 years ago. Training at the school adds possibility for battle reenactments and exploring an on-site museum with an extreme collection of authentic swords and shields.

Although gladiator training has become a popular pastime in Rome, unique offerings like this are fairly distinct to the Rome Cavalieri. The 5-star, 345-room luxury hotel has been creating rare and memorable moments for guests for more than 50 years. Currently, the hotel offers groups a private stroll through the Vatican Gardens and Sistine Chapel, an Italian “super-car” experience and the ambiance of a private art collection with over 1,000 treasured pieces spread throughout the property—whether a crib commissioned by Napoleon for his son, Andy Warhol paintings or a coiffeuse table designed for Marie Antoinette. Guest rooms and suites are decorated with unique pieces of artwork and lavish furnishings.

Rome Cavalieri guest room
Rome Cavalieri guest room

After a day of sword play, groups can unwind at the on-site La Pergola Restaurant & Bar in true gladiator fashion. Over 60,000 bottles of wine, 29 water choices, plenty of olive oils and vintage balsamic vinegars from the best producers in Italy, and Mediterranean sourced ingredients set the stage for good old fashioned after-battle debauchery. The restaurant is also the only Michelin-rated three star restaurant in Rome.