Omni Hotels Introduces Street Food Menus Derived From Boston to Brazil

For the past eight years, Omni Hotels & Resorts experimented with their Flavors of the World program, sharing a variety of tastes and traditions from different culinary cultures with groups at Omni properties. To change things up a bit, Omni added a new Simply Street Foods menu by partnering with multiple chefs from the Global Hotel Alliances.

There’s nothing quite like local street food sampled from sidewalk vendors and food trucks across the globe. The curb-side phenomenon features international flavors that are quickly available, ready-to-eat and full of tasty flavors. Most dishes include local recipes, fresh seasonings and sometimes a secret ingredient.

Over 2.5 billion people eat street food everyday across the world. For the Simply Street Food menu, over 160 dishes were submitted by chefs from over 56 countries. After careful consideration, six chefs were featured on the international menu of approachable world cuisine with authentic edibility. The Simply Street Food menu will be available at Omni restaurants, bars and lounges until the end of March 2013.

Duck Empanada with Smoked Tomato Mayonnaise

The crunchy duck empanada with smoked tomato mayonnaise was submitted by Chef Gene Moss from Omni La Mansion del Rio Hotel in San Antonio, Texas.

“It is a mix of my passion for traveling married to my passion for food,” says Moss. The inspiration was the local street cuisine in the Dominican Republic and Moss’ American roots.

Famous Peddler’s char away teowThe Famous Peddler’s char kway teow was named and created by Chef Andy Oh from Pan Pacific Orchard in Singapore. The stir-fried flat noodles are mixed with chili, prawns, chives and bean sprouts.

“This is a dish you can have for breakfast, lunch and dinner when you are in Singapore,” says Oh. “It’s very popular and everyone is looking for this kind of quality when trying street food.”

Short Rib and Vermont Cheddar Sandwich

Chef Gerard Tice from Omni Parker House in Boston, Massachusetts prepared a short rib and Vermont cheddar sandwich for the Simply Street Food menu contest. Braised short ribs, carrots, union, celery, onions and garlic sit on thick slices of warm Brioche and topped with slices of gooey Vermont cheddar cheese. This sandwich is a smart and savory treat that comes from New England family farms.

Chicken Musakhan SandwichChef Alaa Allaham from Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi served a chicken musakhan sandwich.

“I prepared this because my father and grandmother cooked it when I was younger,” says Allaham. “I like this dish because it’s very easy to make.” The ingredients include a wrap of onions, chicken and sumac. The mixture is tightly wrapped on a pita and baked.

Citrus Ancho Braised Lamb Tostada yellow tortillaThe citrus ancho braised lamb tostada on a yellow corn tortilla was added to the menu by Chef Scott Mole, the executive sous chef of the Omni Bedford Springs in Bedford Pennsylvania. A leg of lamb was seasoned and braised with chili power for four hours with vegetables and citrus. The tender meat was added with pico de gallo, lettuce and beans on a corn tortilla.

“All the flavors taste great and they blend really well together,” says Mole. “It’s a really special meal and I think mines the best.”

Acarajé de OrixáThe Acarajé de Orixá was prepared by Chef Josemar Passos from the Tivoli Ecoresort Praia do Forte in Bahia, Brazil. This is one of Brazil’s most famous street snacks, commonly known as Bahia’s hamburger. The dish is comprised of fritters stuffed with black eyed peas and smoked shrimp.

“I picked this dish because it’s a typical meal in the streets,” says Passos. “I have been cooking this since I was a child in my grandparents kitchen.” The bite sized snacks originated in Africa, but are commonly served in South America.