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Tower Park Prague

Tower Park Prague

Inspired by the Prague settings featured in the James Bond classic Casino Royale, DMCs such as Liberty Incentives & Congresses have created themed programs that offer a fun, active way to discover the city, says Martina Kvašová, marketing manager at the Prague Convention Bureau. The most popular is a treasure hunt, where teams of 10 people, each accompanied by a friendly agent, race around Prague to complete their mission.

At each checkpoint, teams are prompted to solve clues by deciphering a code or completing a challenge to avoid enemy traps. Programs can last up to a full day, with options such as traveling by Segway, vintage cars or Russian army helicopters to a nearby military base.

More thrills await at the new Skydive Arena—probably as close as you can come to jumping from a plane without actually jumping from a plane.

“After a short briefing, participants actually learn to control their bodies in free fall,” says Kvašová. “And no special physical training is needed.”

For dinner with a view, Kvašová suggests the renovated Tower Park Prague, offering 360 degree views of the city. At 625 feet tall, the building is city’s tallest, and its controversial high-tech architecture has made this multi-purpose TV tower a landmark. Or, the centuries-old Prague Castle offers a choice of historic venues with a view.

“Prague Castle is one of the largest inhabited castles in the world and the seat of the Czech president, and you can still book a private function there,” says Michaela Claudino, director of Czech Tourism in New York.

Among the most stunning is the 16th century Lobkowicz Palace, the only privately owned palace within the walls of Prague Castle. Owner William Lobkowicz often greets guests with stirring tales of his dramatic family history.

After a private tour of the collections, guests can enjoy dinner in an elegant private salon, prepared by top Prague chefs. That is followed by after-dinner drinks on a terrace, perched high above one of Europe’s most beautiful and well preserved cities.


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