Sweden Launches Gamer Collaboration Platform: Democreativity


Creativity and innovation are considered the most important competitive advantages in economic development today, which can only thrive in democratic societies. This is the main theme behind a new gamer platform developed in Sweden called Democreativity, where the competitive element inherent in traditional gaming has been replaced with cooperation, either with other gamers or the game itself.

Gamers from 126 countries and game development students at the Swedish University of Skövde worked on this project around the sole concept that “winning” doesn’t necessarily need to be the main objective in gaming, or rather, winning could be redefined and reframed as creativity, curiosity and the power to imagine multiple scenarios simultaneously.

For example, the game Welcome Back focuses on exploring. The story revolves around a woman entering a house to look for a missing girl. However, while getting more and more information throughout the game the player realizes that things might not be what he or she initially thought. This realization is as far as you can go in the game. There is no way to win and should the player try to exit the house the game is over.

Räv is another game set in a dystopian future that explores the new world through the eyes of a little boy and his companion, a fox made of shadows. While you are trying to discover what this strange new world is all about, the game asks questions about what is real and what is not.

And in another game, In Lunch Lady Simulator, players work together to control a pair of hands serving food. Between them they need to solve various problems collaboratively in order to advance in the game.

“We have reached a point in the evolution of the gaming industry where we are evaluating the fundamental definition of a game,” says Per Strömbäck, spokesperson for the Swedish Games Industry and member of the Democreativity advisory board. “Where does it end? Where does it start? And where is it taking place? There is a fascinating balance between games with a purpose and games without this. We can see that exploring and fun are two key concepts at the heart of a game, but pretty much everything else is open to debate.”

So what are the potential opportunities here for meeting planners and Gamification in general within the theater of meetings? Let us know in the comments if you’ve worked with any Gamification vendors offering something similar.

Democreativity is an initiative from VisitSweden, the Swedish Institute and Business Sweden. The overall aim is to create a forum for inspiration and provide a showcase for underrepresented ideas in order to promote Sweden’s openness, creative enterprises and democratic values.