Tintin’s Brussels: The Treasure Hunt

Tintin Brussels

Yes, it is easy to eat your weight in waffles during a visit to Belgium.

That is why taking the new, walking Tintin Tour of Brussels is not only good for your imagination…it helps to stymie some of that guilt that comes from baked goods overindulgence.

Like the courageous Tintin, who lead scientific expeditions and followed clues leading to a long lost pirate treasure, the participants of this treasure hunt will follow in his footsteps that Hergé, the series writer, went to great lengths to research.

Incentive program qualifiers will appreciate how the city of Brussels inspired and motivated the author. On the other hand waffle lovers will enjoy how this quest may compensate for all that deliciousness lurking behind virtually every corner in this city.

The adventure would not be complete without a visit to the Hergé Museum in Louvain-la-Neuve, less than 30 minutes from Brussels. The museum, in its third year of operation, is an astounding piece of contemporary architecture in which the work of the creator of Tintin is exhibited in expertly-designed galleries. The structure is broken into eight different, yet complementary exhibition rooms, which house original drawings replaced every 4 months, objects, scale-models, films and unique visual experiences. For meetings, incentives and VIP groups, dinners and drinks receptions can be hosted in the museum.

To make up for that consumption however, you may actually have to walk back to the capital.

Tintin Brussels