Planner’s Pick: Buenos Aires + The Latin Paris


For each ‘Planner’s Pick,’ Prevue interviews a planner for their choices of compelling, high value destinations. 

PLANNER: LAUREN OSTRIN, Senior Program Manager Impact Incentives, Florham Park, NJ

Regarded as the latin Paris of South America, Buenos Aires is the pulsating cosmopolitan capital of Argentina, where visitors can explore entrancing neighborhoods in the footsteps of legendary Argentinians like Jorge Luis Borges, Che Guevara and Evita Peron.

Lauren Ostrin, senior program manager with Impact Incentives, brought a group of 80 incentive winners here last April. Base camp was Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires, about 45 minutes from the airport, with Ines Gowland at ATPdmc providing ground support (see page 50).

The first afternoon, the group explored the city’s most important cultural district—La Recoleta—famous for its fine art museums, power dining spots and lyrical architecture inspired by the chateaux of the Loire Valley. For evening entertainment, the group watched an abbreviated tango show performed inside the Four Seasons’ exclusive private mansion located next to the hotel.

“I personally feel that the tango shows I’ve been to are nice but they’re too long and the food is only mediocre, and I didn’t want that quality for our group so we brought the show to the hotel,” says Ostrin. “We did a reception and buffet, which of course, was amazing.”

The group toured the palace where Evita made legions weep from the balcony, and Teatro Colon, one of the world’s most spectacular opera houses. From there, attendees had their options: the hipster Palermo Soho district next to the Old City; a local estancia (ranch estate) for barbecue and polo watching; dining along the Tigre River and Puerto Madero waterfront; and a CSR event at a school that takes in children during the week. For the gala finale, everyone gathered at a military palace for an Evita-themed spectacle. Ostrin says the majesty and variety are big selling points.

“I’ve been doing this for a long time so I always love seeing something new and beautiful,” she says. “And the value that you get for your dollar right now is amazing.”