Campeche: Extraordinary Events, in More Ways Than One

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Campeche Extraordinary Events in More Ways Than One

UNESCO’s mission is to contribute to the building of peace, sustainable development and intercultural dialogue through education and tourism, and more.

The State of Campeche has two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the ancient Maya City of Calakmul and the Historic Fortified Town of Campeche. Regarding the latter, known as “San Francisco of Campeche,” it is a typical example of a harbor town from the Spanish Colonial period. The large windows, houses painted in many different colors, and a wall surrounding the entire village are some of the main features of the city, which was once one of the main ports of New Spain.

Campeche currently has many services for meeting attendees and convention delegates. Our Convention Center “Campeche XXI” has modern facilities and beautiful ocean views. There is also a wide variety of hotels, as well as restaurants where you can taste the famous shrimp breaded with coconut and “delicious crab hands” with lemon juice. Then you can walk on the grand boulevard to see the unique sunsets, and meet the people of Campeche who are friendly and kind by nature.

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