Campeche’s Historic Downtown Hosts International Festival


A yearly festival has been held in Campeche since 1997, to celebrate their culture and to promote artistic expressions from around the globe. At the core of the festival is the historic district of Campeche City, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999. The event includes theater, dance, photography, sculpture and book presentations, as well as classical, contemporary and popular music concerts. December traditions, performances by  local artists and the Great Christmas concert in the Campeche Cathedral atrium. Other surprises are included every year and everything is free.

The world-class artists visiting Campeche can relate it to some of the best festivals in the world, and it has been recognized as such by various cultural institutions.

The Great Christmas Concert brings together important figures of the music world like Mexican tenor Fernando de la Mora and Ramón Vargas. Years ago the festival was attended by the international quartet Il Divo and the following year Andrea Bocelli was the highlight of the event. The best experience you will have is sharing in the warmth of the CAMPECHANOS!