Marival Group, a Socially Responsible Consortium

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marival group clean beaches program

Marival Group is a socially responsible group of companies. This commitment to society and the environment manifests as a series of permanent actions the companies undertake to benefit the most vulnerable sectors of society, and policies aimed at preserving and improving the environment in which they exist.

Marival Group actively participates in the nation-wide clean beaches program, and the beach in front of Marival Resort and Suites is one of only seven certified beaches in all of Mexico that is a clean, safe beach for all to enjoy. In order to achieve and maintain this certification, Marival continuously carries out a series of actions on several levels, involving both employees and guests. Actions include beach cleaning rallies and an ongoing invitations to guests to maintain the beach and to respect the biodiversity that is present on land and in the ocean. Iconic wildlife is saved for future generations.


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