Mexico Ramps Up CSR


The World Wilderness Conference in Merida in 2009 and United Nations COP 16 Climate Change Conference in Cancun both played a significant role in Mexico’s sustainable travel development.

“We learned a lot very fast about the importance of sustainability from those events,” says Eduardo Chaillo, CMP/CMM, executive director of the Mexico Tourism Board. “Corporate Social Responsibility is taking on more importance in the decision making process about where meeting planners bring their group. Mexico needs a lot of help, and this is a great way that planners can initiate new relationships with partners in Mexico.”

For example, Transcabo DMC in Los Cabos supports the Ray Thomas Foundation, who assists groups with visits and donations at area schools.

“Everyone likes helping kids,” says Jolene Browning, sales director. “These people travel a lot and they want to see another side of Mexico.”