This 2012 Renew Your Event in Cancun

2012 Renew Your Event In Cancun

2012, according to the Maya, will bring the end and beginning of a new era. Now is the time for groups to be part of a once in a lifetime celebration of rebirth and renewal. A meeting or convention in Cancun this year can be so much more than just a successful event — it’s an opportunity for groups to reengage, reconnect, rediscover, and achieve greater goals.

Cancun’s combination of activities and infrastructure, including more than one million square feet of collective meeting space, makes it the top destination for meetings and events in not only México, but also Latin America and the Caribbean. Groups and tourists come back year after for its captivating Mayan history, pristine beaches, endless cerulean seas, and balmy weather. Whatever groups have a penchant for — adventure, golf, gastronomy, spa, or shopping — they can find it within Cancun’s array of world-class resorts and attractions, which are famous for their high service standards and attention to even the smallest of details.