The Biggest Loser Inspires Corporate Team Building Programs

The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge in Ivins, Utah
The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge in Ivins, Utah

Meeting attendees can now become the next Biggest Losers through corporate team building programs offered at one of the four Biggest Loser Resorts located in Utah, Illinois, New York and California. The typical guest program runs seven days, but the resorts can customize programs for groups to be as little as three.

The Biggest Loser program offers a similar experience to the one contestants get on the NBC show. It provides attendees with a memorable experience through fitness, nutrition, education, relaxation and camaraderie that encourages corporate groups to become healthier together and therefore become more productive in the workplace.

The nutrition component, for example, can be addressed in a variety of team building ways. The Use This, Not That Challenge teaches attendees certain tricks to lower calories in the foods they cook, and then they compete in teams to create the tastiest, low-calorie version of a specific dish. The Smart Choices Challenge places attendees in teams to compete in a Family Feud-style game in which they determine how to make proper food choices based on certain scenarios. The Extreme Makeover Challenge asks teams to choose a dessert recipe provided by the Biggest Loser Nutrition experts and then create a healthier, “made over” version of the dessert to be judged by the culinary team.

In addition to the nutrition component, there are several wellness education components that individual attendees can learn from a personal life coach. For instance, attendees can meet with a life coach for a complete self-assessment to identify specific health goals to achieve. Same goes for exploring healthy habits—medication and breathing techniques, for example—to deal with stress.

Stefanie Gaxiola, regional director of sales for Biggest Loser Resorts, says meeting planners come to the resort looking to do something nice for the employees, whether they’re bringing employees that won an award at the company’s health and fitness fair or won a Biggest Loser-inspired contest in their office.

“The main reason that people like to come through the program is they’re looking to get their office healthier and looking for teambuilding opportunities,” says Stefanie Gaxiola, regional director of sales for Biggest Loser Resorts. “They’re looking to get healthy and fitter and come together as a team.”

Gaxiola says that the company is still rolling out the corporate group packages. So far, the resort has only worked with smaller corporate groups of about 10 to 12 people; however, the resorts can hold as many attendees as their capacity allows. The largest is the 77-room Biggest Loser Resort Chicago, which features meeting space, a 76-foot swimming pool, onsite bowling alley and a championship golf course.