Crafty Workshop in San Francisco


A brisk walk across the Golden Gate Bridge? Been there, done that. A visit to Alcatraz? Too stifling. Riding around in cable cars? Can you say ‘pedestrian?’ No doubt, San Francisco offers a wide variety of “keeping ‘em busy” tricks, but Workshop, a mecca of all things DIY, will give your group an experience that keeps on giving.

Nestled in the up and coming NoPa area of San Francisco, aka North of Panhandle, aka Western Addition, or as the locals would claim light years away from the touristy traps of Chinatown, Workshop is a little emporium filled with local charm of the loud and raucous variety.

In this intimate 800-sf space, one can polish up his or her skills at assembling a terrarium, for example, or learn how to make a pie in a jar or how to stretch one’s mozzarella. Anyway, you get the point. This space is a paean to all things reclaimed and handmade. A giant cluster of light bulbs inspired by a Jeff Wall photo hangs above the main table; an assortment of buzz saws hangs in the corner, just in case the angst of knitting a blanket gets the best of you.

Copies of ReadyMade magazines sit next to old Heavy Metal comic books. Clearly, this is not your grandma’s arts and crafts atelier, although she would probably really like one of the handmade gifts that come of the assembly line here.

Workshop offers an in-house events planner with a particular affinity for all sorts of teambuilding activities, along with a photographer, DJs and caterers accommodating up to 50 people.