Intel Museum, Santa Clara & The Birth of Brilliance

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INTEL Museum

The birth and evolution of the digital revolution is detailed in full splendor at The Intel Museum, located at Intel Computers’ HQ in Santa Clara—the heart of Silicon Valley.

The 10,000-sf museum has been in existence for about 20 years and was completely revamped about one year ago. According to spokesperson Kelli Ambrosi, “A lot of technology underlines the exhibits, along with a lot of interactive exhibits. It features the history of Intel and its impact on the world and the way we live.”

If you think that the tech exhibits might be a little too dry or overly complex, Intel already thought of that. Everything is designed to be fun and informative for the common layperson. In fact, it feels almost like you’re TRON walking into a computer itself surrounded by motherboards, blinking LEDs and 3-D visual screens.

“Anybody can get something out of it,” says Ambrosi. “Anything from binary code, how chips work, how they’re made and all about the manufacturing process itself.”

Customized group tours led by a docent usually take about one hour to make your way through the various experiences. According to Ambrosi, these will be especially popular with your Chinese and Japanese attendees.

“They seem to have a major interest in Silicone Valley in general,” she says.


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