MGM Grand Las Vegas Introduces Advanced Wellness Meetings

StayWell Meetings MGM Grand Las Vegas and Delos

Almost two years ago, MGM Grand Las Vegas unveiled its StayWell Rooms with a battery of wellness enhancing features ranging from special lighting to hypoallergenic fabrics. On Sunday during MPI’s World Education Congress in Minneapolis, MGM Resorts International announced the launch of StayWell Meetings.

The hotel group’s partner for the StayWell program is Delos Living, who is behind the development of the official WELL Building Standards, in collaboration with the Green Building Council, Conference of Mayors, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and Columbia Medical School.

The WELL Building Standards were originally designed to provide more healthy indoor living environments for corporate office buildings, residential communities and various non-profit projects.

“This started just over six years ago, and the focus has been marrying science and medicine with architecture,” said Paul Scialla, founder/CEO of Delos, during the unveiling. “We spent a long time working with scientists, doctors and architects because this is really a three-pronged approach to see what we could do with four walls and a roof to make it healthier for the people living or working inside.”

Delos eventually moved into hospitality with the MGM StayWell Rooms, and due to the success of those, Scialla says it’s a natural transition to expand into wellness meetings.

The StayWell Meetings platform integrates two dozen applications to improve wellness meetings, the meeting environment and experience as it relates to human physiology, outlined here. Air, water, sound and light quality are all designed to boost energy and mental retention; special cleaning agents are state-of-the-art; F&B menus were developed by the Cleveland and Mayo clinics; seating has advanced ergonomics; various wellness programming options are available; and MGM is providing thought leadership revolving around day-to-day wellness.

“The work and science that’s gone into this is way ahead of where our industry is at right now,” said Michael Dominguez, SVP corporate sales for MGM Resorts International. “With sustainability, there’s the physical aspect of the building, but the human side is more exciting for me. When you have the Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic insight, for example that Delos offers us, that is really innovative. It’s something our industry hasn’t done very well until now.”

We asked Dominguez what type of customers he envisions will be most interested in StayWell Meetings.

“Our biggest segments are still in the medical arena as far as meetings, whether it’s biomed or pharma, which make up the largest portion of meetings at MGM,” he said. “We’re trying to give them what they don’t even know they need. It’s not even a want, it’s a need. I often joke it took someone to create the Heavenly Bed for this industry to understand after 40 years that the bed was actually important. I think this is the next natural progression…. That’s why we’re introducing it at MPI because there’s such a large body of corporate professionals here.”

Scialla nodded in agreement, saying, “This is the non-smoking room of the future…. The next step is communicating what that is. There’s a How-To StayWell guide, and so for however long someone is visiting the hotel, we want them leaving with more wellness IQ than when they arrived. That’s really the goal here.