The Opus Hotel Vancouver: Tech and Fun Savvy

Opus Hotel Pierre guest Room
Opus Hotel Vancouver, ‘Pierre’ guest room

The quaint and cheeky Opus Hotel in Vancouver offers guests something they’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere: their perfect match. This is how I met Pierre, a conscientious food critic slash jazz junky from Paris with a soft spot for culinary tourism and bright orange walls. Pierre was my room’s “persona,” one of five fictional lifestyle concierges at the hotel, and boy was he full of surprises.

Each of the Opus’ 96 rooms reflect the style of their avant-garde alter ego—from bold fabric patterns, colors and art choices to Pop Rocks and Pez dispenser turn-downs. iPads are on the house during your stay—Deluxe rooms and higher also toss in a Samsung smartphone. And holding true to its “Trendiest Hotel in Canada” TripAdvisor accolade, both devices can be taken out of the hotel at leisure thanks to internal mobile sticks that provide uninterrupted citywide internet.

“The iPads are meant to mirror what our guests’ tablets or iPads are like at home,” General Manager Nicholas Gandossi says. “We loaded some fun and useful apps like Angry Birds and Google Maps—they have become true virtual concierges with our guests now using them to explore the city.”

Opus smartphones offer cost-conscious travelers an additional perk: any calls to their rooms ring through their Samsungs wherever they are in Vancouver. We’re reassured that all of the data/browsing history accumulated on the devices is erased at checkout.

Planners can expect two flexible meeting rooms with a combined capacity for 75 people. The vibrancy found throughout the hotel is maintained in the space through rich colors, a wall of windows and customized themes that reflect the tone and purpose of your meeting—from a high-end boardroom setting to designer lounge furniture and gelled mood lighting. At the hotel’s new La Pentola della Quercia restaurant, groups of up to 60 can feast on Chef Lucais Syme’s Northern Italian fare. Each table has its own menu that is tailored to individual tastes, reflecting a family dining theme that sets the stage for group synergy. The Kaiserschmarrn (Northern Italian pancakes) with raisins, pine nuts and cream will have your group singing “Figaro!” in no time.

With Yaletown, one of Vancouver’s hippest areas as a backdrop, you’ll definitely want to schedule downtime to hit the streets. The former warehouse district, once festooned with textile shops, factories and train yards, has been undergoing a major revamp for over 20 years. Converted heritage buildings vaunt industrial chic boutiques, restaurants, sidewalk cafes and a booming nightlife scene amidst parks, marinas and high-rise apartment blocks. The Opus provides complimentary luxury hotel car service in the downtown core and mountain bikes for exploring this fresh and interesting area at whim.