I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead (and when I’m at Loews Atlanta Hotel)

Loews Atlanta Hotel
Loews Atlanta Hotel

Loews Atlanta Hotel definitely knows how to approach the meeting planner’s “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” attitude with the premiere of its new multisensory wellness suite, dubbed the Celestial DreamSuite. The suite brings the spa experience to the hotel room with massage, aromatherapy and sound therapy amenities that guarantee a perfect night’s sleep — even if it’s only a couple of hours long.

Guests can begin the experience the minute they step into the suite’s living room, where they can enjoy a full-body massage in a recliner. The high-tech chair analyzes the body’s needs and then customizes a 15, 30- or 45-minute massage to help restore the determined anatomical points. In the meantime, a nearby babbling fountain helps set the relaxing tone.

“With the meeting planner’s day in mind, Loews wanted to make sure ultimately that [a meeting planner] is rested and can perform their best,” says Jessica Baran, director of sales and marketing at the property. “Whether the suite is for the CEO that flew in at midnight and has a speech the next morning or for the meeting planner that’s been running around all day, it’s a room about relaxation and enlivening the senses.”

Moving into the bedroom, the king-size bed features low frequency sound vibrations that create the sensation of being gently rocked to sleep by ocean rhythms while the bed remains completely steady. The room simultaneously cues the sound of nighttime ocean surf matched by aromatherapy and a life-like starscape that appears above the bed to put guests into a deep sleep. In the morning, guests awake to the sounds of morning surf and seagulls, completing the natural sleep experience from start to finish. All of the suite’s amenities are based heavily on research that counteracts the impacts of stress.

“People in the meetings and conventions industry don’t mind being busy, so who’s going to complain when they have a room that literally makes them feel like they have slept and rested for 24 hours?” added Baran. “It’s like saving age in a bottle. We want to make sure that meeting planners look like rock stars and that their job appears seamless.”

Baran says that the Atlanta property was the ideal location to roll out the hotel company’s new DreamSuite concept because more than 50 percent of the hotel’s business is catered to the group market.

“Atlanta is the city to do meetings in right now,” says Baran. “We work hard here, play hard here and are at the peak of doing business consistently. We are hosting so many meetings right now that we realized meeting planners are our number one customer, so we wanted to exceed their expectations [with the new suite].”

While there are no specific plans to roll out the DreamSuite concept at other Loews Hotels just yet, Baran says the hotel continues to receive rave reviews from meeting planners and believes it would make a lot of sense as Loews continues to serve the group market.