Stray Boots Scavenger Hunts Roam from New York to New Orleans

Stray Boots group shot
Stray Boots group shot

Stray Boots Scavenger Hunts was founded in 2008 with a goal of making the exploration of New York City fun and interactive for groups. They have since branched out, with additional experiences available in well-known cities like Boston, Las Vegas, Chicago, Philadelphia and New Orleans, to name a few. Companies like American Express, Nordstrom, FedEx, ESPN and Colombia University have worked with the company to create exciting experiences for their group members, whether it’s used as a teambuilding activity or for orientation, or even simply for a day of sightseeing.

The game also serves as a tour of the area, as groups are asked to roam the city in search of the answer to various challenges, riddles and questions that are sent directly to your cell phone. The object is to spruce up everyday sightseeing by adding an interactive component. The challenges come in via text message and ask group members to find cool things, solve riddles and take photos, earning points each time you do.

Different options are available depending on the size of the group, and the company will create hunts for groups up to 100. Groups over 15 members are divided into three or more teams and the larger the group, the more competitive the hunt becomes. The scavenger hunts are completely flexible to each group’s schedule and time constraints.

Some examples of neighborhoods in New York where groups could organize the event include Chinatown & Little Italy, Midtown, Greenwich Village, Wall Street and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Whether your group loves Renaissance paintings, antiquities or modern art, the Met is the ideal place for an exhilarating group scavenger hunt. It’s probably best to divide and conquer—zoom through galleries searching for the perfect priceless painting while others strike a pose in front of some of the most recognized sculptures in the world. It’s the perfect way for your group to play your way to becoming cultured in just a few hours.