Travel Alberta’s ‘Remember to Breathe’ Campaign Resonates With All of Us

Dogsledding Travel Alberta

Banff National Park

In the fall of 2011, Travel Alberta unveiled a video highlighting its “Remember to Breathe” campaign that celebrates the destination’s incredible outdoor majesty within easy reach of the two gateway cities, Calgary and Edmonton. The video to date has over 1.5 million hits due to the beautiful imagery of so many different activities appropriate for visiting groups, such as: skiing, canoeing, horseback riding, ice climbing, dog sledding, snow shoeing and mountain biking.

All of this is closer than you might think in the pristine Rocky Mountain wilderness. The gateway airports are three hours from California, four hours from Texas and five hours from the northeastern States. Legendary Canadian western hospitality is thrown in at no extra cost.

Based on the success of the first video, Travel Alberta launched this video below in October and it is awesome. Have you ever seen a buffalo run? When was the last time you flew over towering mountain peaks and landed on a lake? Would you and your group like to learn how to herd cattle?

Watch this video and we promise that it will improve your day. You’ll definitely breathe a little easier. When you’re finished, leave a comment below about your favorite part. We like the 59-second mark with the campfire by the lake, which is exactly the same type of experience that you can create for your group: