Vail’s 4 Eagle Ranch is the Total Rocky Mountain Adventure Package

4 Eagle Ranch

Located just outside Vail, Colorado, 4 Eagle Ranch was once the region’s hub of large cattle and sheep operations. Today, this 100 year-old ranch spread over 1,000 acres of a mountain-rimmed valley offers a wide array of heart-stopping day adventures for groups camped out in the many neighboring high-end hotels.

The historic infrastructure includes two cabins where the original owners and cowboys once lived. Dating back to the 1920s, these venues are perfect for dining next to a huge open-hearth fireplace and line dancing lessons with a live local band. Both cabins have a large porch and fit up to 80 pax during summer. A third pavilion is under construction, designed to host up to 500 pax.

“I think we have a certain appeal for groups that are looking for something different,” says host Peter Lindsay. “We’re not your traditional hotel venue. People get a chance to be outdoors, to explore, see things that maybe they haven’t seen before and do something unique.”

For outdoor meetings, Lindsay can set up pavilions and tents with 3,600 sf of meeting space. Popular teambuilding activities after the meetings include the mechanical bull ride, skeet shooting and chili cook-offs.

But the most famous activities, a favorite of groups who come back each year, are the quick draw shooting and their Build-A-Horse contest, in which groups are divided into teams to build a wooden horse. They also have to come up with a story and song to go with it.

“Groups then start to really relax and everything becomes a team event,” says Lindsay.

There is also cattle roundup. Cowboy hats and boots on, groups hop on their horses and guide cows across 595 acres of land to the corral. For the less experienced, the ranch has a “Cow 101” class before the adventure begins.

For more extreme teambuilding activities, the ranch has partnered with different organizations to make a planner’s life easier with one-stop logistics planning.

Through the Apex Mountain School, 4 Eagle Ranch offers group rock climbing events and other teambuilding activities 30 minutes away in Vail Valley. Likewise, Zip Adventures in Vail takes groups flying across the rocky mountains through six different zip lines, some as high as 200 feet for as long as 1,000 feet across the striking scenery.