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Experiential Meeting Design Summit  

September 30 – October 1, 2019 I The Garland I North Hollywood, CA

This boutique conference will bring together top experts in the field of experiential meeting and event design. 

The Impact of the Senses on Meetings—Dianne Devitt, Founder, DND Group

In this lively and innovative keynote session focused on the senses and impact on meeting design, Dianne will engage attendees to unleash their own creative quotient. She will explore how meeting design can be used to deliver the message and to increase impact and ROE. Attendees will learn:

• the role of the five senses, as well as the 25 additional senses and 30 sensibilities we all possess
• how more than 85% of communication is non-verbal and how the meeting impacts that impression
• the use of timing, placement, agenda format, meeting and event enhancers, production and design components
• the use of touch points and when to evoke responses that create lasting memories
• integrated marketing design
• how to conduct a sensory audit of a meeting.

The Changing Face of Hollywood Events: Taking Cues from Tech, On Screen and Off—Natalie Fulton, Special Events Sales Manager, Warner Bros. Studios Special Events

Fulton will explore the tech and experiential side of events that have replaced props and movie themes and yet, are still inspired by today’s movies. Examine today’s top movie releases to discover the elements that have made their way into events at the studio and beyond. Learn how to find inspiration from today’s movies in a new way. Working in teams, you will take from a list of 10 films, choose five and create an event using tech elements from it. Anything is possible! Ready Player One, Mission Impossible, Wonder Woman and more are all on the lineup as you design your fantasy experiential corporate event!

Overcoming Obstacles to Change—Patrick Parker-Roach, Founder, ThoughtRoads

In this hands-on session, facilitator Patrick Parker-Roach will use a creative meeting format—a World Café—to explore the obstacles that keep them from making the creative changes they want to make to their meetings. What is standing in the way of change and what can planners do about it—whether that means changing up the meeting design and format, or the entertainment or speakers, or integrating wellness, sustainability or CSR. 

The Power of Play—Sharon Fisher, President, Play With a Purpose

Fisher will introduce strategies for incorporating purposeful play into meetings and share stories of how hundreds of clients have used playful interaction to accomplish their business goals. By experiencing her bag of tricks throughout the event, attendees will glean smart and strategic ways to weave serious play into their programs—starting with the icebreaker on the opening evening.

Meet Barbara Scofidio

The Visionary behind the Visionary Summit Series
For 20 years, Prevue Editor Barbara Scofidio has worked with GBTA, SITE and other industry organizations to design and deliver education for meeting and incentive planners. She is currently the media liaison for the Education Committee of FICP.
Contact her at:
(305) 322-2301


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