Glamping in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Oval

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Glamping tents, IMS
Glamping tents, IMS

This May, give your groups a glimpse of life in the fast lane with a glamping experience in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s infield. One-hundred tents are being rented out during the Indy 500 weekend, May 22-26. Historically, the grassy knoll has been reserved for the RVs of drivers and team owners. The posh, safari-style tents will offer a range of accommodations—from queen beds with tables, chairs and linens to military-style cots for two to four occupants. Infield parking, lounge access, separate shower facilities and a community barbecue area are also in the works. As dazzling as this sounds, it’s the view from the window that is really inspiring the proverbial “wow.”

Over 350,000 fans are expected to grace the speedway’s bleachers—more than any other single day sporting event in the world. Down in the oval, in true glamping form, the old adage of camping as a way to unplug and unwind will be replaced by plugged and wired—glampers will have access to cell phone charging stations, and should rumors prove true, 24 hour- concierge service.

Four-night packages range from $650-$1,100 per tent, including general admission tickets to race events. Reservations can be made through May 16th.


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