Crazy for Cars: Meetings with Maseratis, Minis + More

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BMW Museum, Munich
BMW Museum, Munich

We love cars, from the smart and quirky to the fast and exotic to the new high-tech hybrids. Host a special event surrounded by a $1.4 million Enzo Ferrari in Las Vegas; tour the Mini Cooper plant in Oxfordshire, England; and check out the “Hallowed Halls” at BMW Welt in Munich.

BMW EVENT FORUM Adjacent to BMW’s corporate HQ building in Munich, three iconic German facilities make up the BMW Event Forum, designed to provide planners with an outrageously compelling mix of educational opportunities, car exhibits and group venues.

BMW Welt is the futuristic steel and glass mothership facility, housing a multi-function auditorium, conference rooms, breakouts, outdoor terraces and the super sleek Double Cone space designed like a metal tornado. Here’s the ROI: The Technology & Design Atelier showcases the cutting edge of racing and plug-in hybrid design ingenuity, including the new “BMW i” electric line.

BMW Museum is designed like a shiny upside down bowl. The structure displays 90 years of BMW cars and motorcycles in chronological order, divided into seven exhibition “houses” focused on different categories, such as branding, tech, motorbikes, etc. Three “mediatecture” spaces are designed for groups up to 500.

BMW Group Classic is special. This is where they keep the priceless treasures—an old roadster found in a barn not used since WWII, for instance. Considered “Hallowed Halls” by BMW aficionados, they’re available for high-profile group rental.

“We provide guests with white gloves if they want to touch the cars,” says Benjamin Winkler, business development/events.

Ferrari Las Vegas
Ferrari Las Vegas

WYNN LAS VEGAS The vehicles on show (and for sale) at the Penske Wynn Ferrari-Maserati dealership at Wynn Las Vegas start at $700,000. The 10,000-sf venue is available for private rental and special events surrounded by rare sportscars  such as a 2004 Ferrari 360 Spider F1, 2005 Maserati Coupe GT and the spirited little 195 Ferrari F50. Steven Wynn’s $1.4 million Enzo Ferrari, which cost $60K to register in Nevada, steals the show, especially when you turn it on.

For a few seconds, the hotel allows the cars to be fired up during a reception to appreciate the fine engineering and low purr of these precision vehicles. The venue is highly flexible, with past events ranging from fancy pastry tastings to sales awards.

Mini Cooper Plant in Oxfordshire, England
Mini Cooper Plant in Oxfordshire, England

Arguably the most fun car on the planet, the MINI Cooper Plant in Oxfordshire, England offers group tours throughout the facility. Since the first MINI drove off the line in 2001, the peppy little rally car has become one of the fastest growing success stories in the automotive industry.

There is also an onsite test track  where planners can organize advanced driving lessons for attendees or performance driving shows put on by professional stunts drivers. Ever try to parallel park at 40 miles per hour?


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