DMAI Delivers Fresh Insight for Planners & DMOs with Updated EmpowerMINT Site

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The new homepage

Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI) added a bunch of new functionality and programming to its meeting planning portal over the summer, designed to bring planners and DMO/CVBs together.

The first update was a new modern design with the entire homepage screen dedicated to a destination search engine. When you search for a city such as Miami, for example, you’re directed to a Miami CVB landing page with an overview of the destination, along with specific sections for Fast Facts, CVB services, and unique selling points for meetings and events.

Plus, the advanced search is designed to help planners answer questions like: “What destinations have at least 150,000 gsf of exhibit space and an adjacent hotel in the Southeast?”

Another major feature of the upgraded website, planners have the opportunity to deliver RFPs.

“The new website offers really as little or as much as a planner wants it to offer, because it’s personalized to the individual planner’s needs,” says Kate Skidmore, subscriber services and engagement manager at DMAI.

DMAI partnered with the Curata news curation company to feed an updated news stream into the destination landing pages. Check out any city to find the lastest hospitality and tourism developments relevant to planners and attendees in the specific destination.

Planners can also now sign up for a new biweekly “Insights” newsletter that presently has over 30,000 opt-in planners subscribed. It’s one of the best industry emails that we’ve signed up for in terms of DMO trend insight.

The most interesting new development is the Podcasts and Webinars offering CMP credit. DMAI’s meeting industry veterans—Christine (Shimo) Shimasaki, managing director, and Terri Roberts, communication and training—talk about trends and interview some of today’s brightest thought leaders. So make sure you register for the next webinar and listen in during the next podcast.

Shimo and Terri also do a nice job devoting a page to each podcast with a summary including options for further reading that provide a deeper dive into the subject matter.

Lastly, the EmpowerMINT blog is excellent, with the latest stories boldly positioned on the main site. The content showcases the viewpoints of both planners and DMOs, as well as the always spry Shimo who writes about industry trends at the Shimo’s Corner section of the portal.

Let us know what you think of the new site and blog in the comments.


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