Post-Meetin’ Pole Dancing, Las Vegas

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Take your typical girls’ night out: flashy outfits, fruity concoctions and dancing at the most popular hotspots in town. Now, in true Las Vegas style, let’s spice it up by adding a pole-dancing lesson, spa services and VIP access to some of the hottest nightclubs in the world. Your group can enjoy this star treatment when you book parties with Aradia Fitness, located in the spa facilities of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, right on the Strip.

The company invented pole-dancing parties eight years ago. They offer a class that includes go-go dancing along with a lap dance and striptease lesson and some time on the pole. As if this weren’t hot enough, they also include a few added perks: use of the spa facilities at the hotel (including the steam room, jacuzzi, sauna, bath house and discounts on services), optional champagne lunch and/or drinks with your class, and VIP entrance to any three nightclubs in Vegas for the length of your stay on the Strip.

The 75-minute lessons can be held in the studio, suitable for up to 17 pax. For larger groups, they’ll come to your hotel and set up in either a hospitality suite or ballroom. Groups holding the lessons outside of the facility do not have spa access but can still enjoy the VIP club entrances.

Owner Tracy Gray says they’ll teach as many people as they can fit.

“We can teach any size group,” she says. “I think the most people we’ve ever taught at one time is 30 people, and when that’s the case, we’ll have two instructors and have half of the group come over to the pole and the other half do their lap dance lesson, and then we switch.”

Groups taking the class are encouraged to kick off their shoes and dress comfortably. While sequined creative costuming and ultra-high heels are allowed, they are not mandatory. Gray keeps the class fun and risqué, without making people feel uncomfortable.

“It’s just a little freeing to be able to get into a room with a bunch of ladies and have a good laugh and just be able to express yourself a little bit through dance, while learning something new that’s fun at the same time,” Gray says. “When groups come in they can’t stop laughing the whole time they’re in the room.”

And the classes serve as more than just a fun night out.

“You do get a workout,” Gray says. “They come in the next day saying, ‘I really feel the muscles in my arms.’ Pole dancing is a total body workout that especially focuses on your core muscles and your upper body.”

Years of teaching ladies to shake their bon-bon have put Aradia above the rest when it comes to the ultimate night out (or day) for the ladies.

“Event planners know that with our lessons their group will be handled professionally, and that it’s not intimidating and it’s not sleazy in any way,” Gray says. “The people that are coming to the class are going to have a good time and the attendants themselves have a blast.”

Gray has been instructing on the art of seduction for almost a decade, hosting parties for companies like Lancome and Victoria’s Secret, sororities, bachelorette parties and birthday bashes.

“The reviews that people write to me say, ‘We had such a great time and learned something new that we’ll use at home later,’ and then they rave about being able to get into the nightclubs for free as well,” Gray says. “That saves them a lot of money and they don’t have to wait in line and sometimes free drinks are included as well. So they kind of feel like a star because they walk right up to the club and they get right in.”


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