Farmer Food Popular at Canyon Ranch, Tucson

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Chef Canyon Ranch

Chef Scott Uehlein

The 150-room Canyon Ranch resort in Tucson is an all-encompassing health and wellness resort that consistently works with meeting planners to customize wellness experiences for groups. Healthy meetings are continuing to grow, according to Chef Scott Uehlein, who explains that one of the key aspects to that is nutritional F&B.

“From an F&B standpoint, the most unique thing is that we’re health oriented,” says Uehlein. “Even on our banquet menus, we fully disclose the nutritional value of what you’re eating.”

Apart from serving healthy food to attendees, planners also incorporate an educational component into the meal. For instance, an onsite nutritionist is available to speak to the group about what they are eating and how to make healthy choices when cooking their own food.

A hands-on approach takes attendees to a local farmer’s market with one of the Canyon Ranch chefs, who explains how to select fresh ingredients. Then the chefs take the group back to the resort for a cooking demonstration, using the purchased goods.

Not only is the food cooked to be healthy; it’s grown organically, too.

“Everything is served organic,” says Uehlein. “We’ve done a lot of behind-the-scenes work on the food from the nutrition and sustainability standpoint.”

While the resort emphasizes a healthy menu, that doesn’t mean it lacks in flavor. In fact, Uehlein says that planners often want to include the typical menu items—steak, salmon and shrimp, but planners can feel good about offering these items because Canyon Ranch has done the research to ensure that they are grown sustainably.
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“This event is really for the type of group that is health and wellness minded, who wants to eat well and do it all in a manner that’s much better for you than anything else out there.”