Food & Beverage Q&A with Martin Ranfft, F&B Manager for Fiesta Americana Puerto Vallarta

We sat down with Martin Ranfft, F&B manager for Fiesta Americana Puerto Vallarta to learn more about unique F&B experiences.

Q: What are the most significant F&B trends you’re seeing at your resorts in Mexico? 

A: Food and beverage is a very important part of the event planning process and shouldn’t be underestimated, so always accept the advice and help of the pros at the hotel where your event will take place. And as in every business, changes are happening faster than you think. The recent trends in that we’re seeing in food and beverage for events are:

  • Locally grown products bring a new level of sustainability and the enjoyment of knowing that your food is fresh and not shipped.
  • Sustainable selections of various meats are both environmentally and socially responsible, and they are becoming a higher priority for groups.
  • Tastings or pairings with wine, beer, tequila, etc., are popular. Give your client the opportunity to learn while he or she is having dinner. Recommend educational tastings hosted by specialized people explaining the art of combining food and beverage.
  • Healthy options such as vegetarian menus give attendees the smartest dietary choices possible, and it has a dual benefit. It is good for your attendees’ health and it also helps them to stay alert and focused in their meetings.
  • Bite-size finger food and canapés make it easy to network and eat at the same time.
  • Organic food supports local providers, and for cocktail hours, you can use micro-distilled liquor and organic wines.
  • Use the opportunity to rent local food trucks, which gives your client a whole new and different dining experience.
  • Dine-around events give attendees an opportunity to explore the city and really live the experience of the convention.

Q: What are some examples of offsite culinary events?

A: At Fiesta Americana Puerto Vallarta, we try to offer our clients the opportunity to “Live the town.” That means we want our group guests to really enjoy the overall destination and fantastic flavors of Puerto Vallarta.

For this we created a program called “Viva Vallarta,” where attendees can experience the region like a local during a city tour. Use it to create new experiences that add to the ROI of any meeting, incentive or conference.

For this program, we take attendees to the most interesting local restaurants in town where we like to dine, for an evening they’ll never forget. We know that you always have to be evolving in this business because what you did last year is already out.