Fun Fitness + Farm-to-Table Programs Take Over the Las Vegas Strip

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Fit to Flex at the Bellagio
Fit to Flex at the Bellagio

Thanks to CityCenter, Las Vegas, America’s largest green group venue, Las Vegas is promoting planet-saving policies, local food and healthy spa programs up and down the Strip. For example, MGM Grand Hotel & Casino is showcasing its $160 million rehab in full color with a fun dedicated website at A big emphasis focuses on sustainability and the impact that 5,000 rooms can have on the environment, ranging from the use of low VOC paints to biodegradable soap.

There’s still as much ego as eco in Vegas, but a quick hybrid taxi ride through town turns up lots of luxurious health-loving happenings revolving around both food and fitness.


As Cirque du Soleil dancers twirl gracefully over the crowd on aerial silks, it’s hard to imagine what kind of workout makes those kind of routines possible. The answer is Reebok’s signature fitness program: JUKARI Fit to Flex, which is now the newest exercise program at Spa & Salon Bellagio.

Used by Cirque artists to develop their strong and controlled movements, the cardio-infused program helps tone the body and increase flexibility and coordination. The classes are 50 minutes long with custom-mixed Cirque music playing in the background as you develop long, lean muscles and powerful core strength.

Meanwhile, healthy living requires healthy eating. At Sensi, new executive chef Royden Ellamar is making a shift toward more sustainable dishes. More than 75% of the restaurant’s produce is now organic, and he insists all meat is hormone-free and free range.

Ellamar, born to a Hawaiian family of farmers and fishermen, personally visits the farmer’s market weekly and he brings his staff to local farms. Yes, he admits, food is trucked in but Vegas is closer to more organic farms than Los Angeles.

“After watching the movie Food Inc., we decided to be more active in knowing and trusting our food sources and to focus on companies that raise their animals humanely and without chemicals,” says Ellamar.

Sensi utilizes farms in the surrounding areas, getting their products from Moapa Valley and Boulder City, among a few. Their meat products—chicken, beef and pork—are organically raised without hormones. One bite of their 14 oz grass-fed Piedmontese ribeye and you’ll taste the difference.

Yoga Dolphins


At The Spa at The Mirage, groups can now enjoy a soothing yoga class by the underwater viewing area of Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat. The hour-long, early morning classes are customizable for groups of all experience levels. Breathe into a downward dog pose as these graceful creatures float on by, and end the class with a complimentary refreshing smoothie to help kick-start the day.

Chef Rick Moonen, whose RM Seafood at Mandalay Bay Resort is an insider favorite, is a longtime foodie activist. He’s testified for environmental and sustainability policy issues in Washington, D.C., and remains a board member of Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch. Moonen’s restaurant is dedicated to sustainable seafood (no salmon!), as well as wine, and he personally prepares waiters to discuss environmental concerns with guests.

Heading out for the night? For your paraben-free pamper, check out 18,000-sf Spa & Salon Vdara at CityCenter. Nevada’s only member in the Green Spa Network welcomes guests to a seriously sustainable primp in a stunning waterfall reception area. Try the vegan manicures and mineral makeup.


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