Multisensory Cuisine At Yongsusan, Seoul Celebrates Korean Soul

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Cuisine At Yongsusan


Operating a variety of restaurants in Seoul’s popular business and tourism regions, Yongsusan is regarded as one of the top five restaurant groups in the city for authentic Korean cuisine. With 30 years of tradition under its belt, Yongsusan specializes in the highly evolved style of Gaeseong gastronomy, best experienced using each of the five senses. All of the restaurants cater to groups with private dining areas and customized group menus.

Though the restaurants offer a variety of traditional course meals, the bestselling dish is Haewon Jeongsik. This special 17-dish composition typically starts with porridge for soothing the stomach. Then the culinary journey moves to more substantial items, including jeon (Korean pancakes), gujeolpan (a platter of nine delicacies) and tteokgalbi (short ribs).

The design mission of the various restaurants is intriguing, often with traditional Korean vernacular architecture on the outside and brick, glass and wood interiors with delicate calligraphy on the walls inside. We like the Yongsusan Biwon restaurant and its lovely “secret garden,” located near Seoul’s stunning Secret Garden, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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