St. Regis Atlanta Forecast: 99% Chance of Wine

St Regis Atlanta Wine Room

Wine Room, St Regis Atlanta

We thought it was on a hardcore tech trajectory after it began offering universal phone and computer chargers and cabana WiFi. But it seems the St. Regis Atlanta also has a soft side, especially when it comes to food and beverage. The f&b team has developed Cordials in the Court, a bespoke signature collection of desserts and after dinner cocktails served from a fancy cordials cart. The cart is Food & Beverage Director Robert Brandenberg’s rebuttal to the traditional final course—hand-selected wines, ports, digestives and liquors will roll out tableside along with a selection of desserts in various meeting spaces, such as the Wine Room and Astor Court.

“Not many groups are doing the dine-around restaurant experience,” says Dawn Truemper, director of marketing/sales at the St. Regis Atlanta. “Many are opting to use working dinners to get the most of their time together, but want the feeling of a restaurant.” Presented by St. Regis butlers donned in tuxedos and white gloves, is certainly a good start to re-creating that vibe. Truemper says the Cordials Cart will ultimately provide groups more time to focus on their tasks at hand. “We hear a great deal of positive feedback about productivity and efficiency with these formats.”

Cordials pairings can be as elaborate as one prefers. Examples include one-ounce pours of 2000 Chateau d’Yquem combined with a cilantro meringue and yogurt sponge and a strawberry rhubarb basil and bacon dessert and Louis XIII Rare Cask 42, 6 pairing.

Truemper says the cordials’ savory, less sweet desserts combined with craft spirits and wine pairings offer “a taste of what’s trending in today’s culinary world.” For more hands-on culinary experiences, the hotel offers tailor-made programs that have in the past included the following:

-Spa, food & wine pairings

-Interactions with their executive chef and a local organic farmer

-Interactive sushi dinners with sake and karaoke

-Wine blending lessons and dinner with a guest winemaker