Whisper Creek Orlando: Fresh From the Farm to the Planner


Whisper Creek Farm
Whisper Creek Farm

So, have you ever wondered what it would be like if a city-slicker planner was able to host a charmingly extraordinary event full of delicious garden fresh gourmet food with organic wine served in an incredibly natural scenario on a farm?

What’s that, you ask, with a big question mark circling your head?  Sounds fraught with too many, well, potentially scary, icky and smelly obstacles to be able to successfully pull it off?

Well, what if we told you it was actually possible to do this, and that the farm would be connected to The Ritz-Carlton Hotel/JW Marriott Grande Lakes Orlando?  Yes, you read that correctly. Now let me introduce you to the newest member of the ever growing expanse of unique venues that the Grand Lakes Orlando Resort has to offer for special events—Whisper Creek Farm.

Located just down the street from the two luxury hotels, the venue debuted last October with a tour for planners, slow food aficionados and other invited guests. We sampled a food feast that included Florida raised beef and pork, both prepared via Argentinian barbeque grilling style on an open spit, a huge spread of farm fresh fromage displayed with a variety of pickled accoutrements (of course, lovingly prepared back at the hotels) served in mason jars, lots of fresh veggies and much more.

Another great aspect, the natural environment surrounding this site is located along the sixth tee box of the resorts’ Greg Norman-designed golf course bordering peaceful Whisper Creek. The farm’s perimeter includes palm trees swaying in the breeze, three resident beehives to help in the garden’s pollination process, stoned pathways through the herb greens and hammocks waiting to swing tired guests. There were even live pigs resting in a peaceful field of daisies. As a planner I couldn’t stop conjuring up various types of sensational events I could actually place in this unique setting. But those visions kept getting interrupted with the discovery of yet another picnic table full of farm fresh delicacies waiting to be discovered by this formerly stressed city planner now mellowed by the garden-fresh sights and sounds of Whisper Creek Farm.