Amansala Tulum: Poster Child of Mexican Eco-Chic Meetings

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Amansala Beach front yoga

South of Cancun, as the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula fades into the Caribbean, a wealth of high-end resorts occupies the landscape. In many cases, all ones sees from the highway is an awe-inspiring gated façade that leads into the depths of the jungle, only to conclude at a white sandy beach. Incentives and group travel are common in this part of Mexico and each resort presents a separate mind-blowing cavalcade of group activities for health-centric escapes.

Tulum, for example, already embraces an eco-chic vibe. Amansala Resort, a boutique property featuring 24 cabanas on a quiet stretch of beach, was promoting its eco-chic-ness before the term was commonplace. Carlos Mora, meetings manager of Riviera Maya Meetings, says Amansala was always at the forefront of wellness programming and dietary options.

“It’s always been a healthy lifestyle leader in the community for its specialized, multi-day group retreats,” he said. “They have a Bikini Bootcamp and a Destination Detox series. The resort has many fitness-oriented activities. Groups can swim in a cenote or trek through an ancient Mayan archeological site for an authentic cultural and ecological experience.”

Amansala also features a seaside yoga-hut meeting space, perfect for group sunrise stretches, and like most Aman Resorts, each and every group activity takes advantage of the region’s natural features.


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