Dream Racing, Las Vegas: Your Ferraris are Waiting

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Dream Racing
Dream Racing

Close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting inside a racing enhanced F430 GT racing Ferrari. Beads of sweat build up along your forehead as 200 of your peers watch you scream by at 130 mph through the nine challenging corner turns at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Now open your eyes.

Welcome to Dream Racing.

The new company offers tailor-made day and night driving programs for corporate and incentive groups up to 300 participants. Aside from driving the only non-street legal Ferraris in Vegas, Dream Racing also provides groups with conference facilities, a full service restaurant, and spa and gym facilities.

Your group session begins with an informational video followed by time inside a 3D state-of-the-art simulator powered by iRacing.com. The Ferraris go from 0-60 in less than 3.5 seconds, which feels like a jackhammer under your backside when you floor the throttle. A staff of personal VIP hostesses will serve your attendees food and coffee, while the professional instructors teach a range of racing techniques to ensure no one peals off a fender coming off the back straightaway.

Once your team is fully dressed in authentic Dream Racing suits and helmets, it’s time to settle into the seat in front of the 1,000 horsepower twin turbos.

Groups can choose from a variety of packages, starting with a couple laps around the 1.1-mile track as a passenger. For the non-grandmothers in the group, strap yourself in behind the wheel for the ride of your life.

The instructors are in constant contact with drivers via the in-helmet radios, providing helpful tips to maximize your speed through the turns. The top-tier packages include several sessions on the track and telemetry analysis in between with the instructors.

Breathe easy, you can do this.

Following your time on the track, groups are escorted into the plush Dream Racing lounge for debriefing. It’s a comfortable, climate-controlled setting with an espresso bar with beverages and snacks, free WiFi, live video footage and interior/exterior 360 degree viewing decks.

Dream Racing Dream Racing Dream Racing Dream Racing


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