Hong Kong Groups Get a Tailor-Made Experience

Hong Kong Groups Custom Tailored Shirt

If modern luxury is simply the personal touch taken to its most discerning level, then this is the ultimate: a custom-tailored shirt created in a city famed for bespoke fashion.

Hong Kong groups can arrange for attendees to receive custom-fitted clothing, usually a dress shirt. They’re fitted upon arrival or at the welcome reception and, on the last night, receive a pillow gift of their shirt with embroidered monogram and company logo, says James LaValle, manager of Corporate Events, Meetings and Exhibitions Hong Kong, a division of the Hong Kong Tourism Board.

More than 40 custom tailors are accredited by the tourism board’s Quality Tourism Services Scheme, LaValle says, and most provide the custom program for groups. It’s usually arranged by the destination management company.

One such DMC, Tour East Group, has had enormous success with the tailoring program.

“Both the men and women have an absolute ball,” says Lynda Obront, CITE/CTC, director of North America sales for Tour East Group. “I think it’s because it’s done on a special arrangement with a tailor shop the clients don’t feel rushed or pressured. No other clients are being fitted at the same time, only the incentive attendees, and it’s done by appointment so that aids in the smooth and special experience. Clients always run over time and the laughter that comes with the fittings and watching your colleagues being draped and pinned is always a hoot! So it’s a bit of both the customization and the exclusivity.”

Participating tailor Stephen Yu, of Simpson Sin Tailors, began training for his craft at age 16, following his father’s career path. Thirty-five years later, his work includes fitting Parks and Recreation star Aziz Ansari for an episode of the Esquire Network show The Getaway.

Custom tailoring is all about personal expression, Yu says. “Everyone’s taste is different. When you buy ready-made, you have no choice. We can make your suit in any color, design or fabric you choose.”

It’s a perfect fit in Hong Kong. “As Asia’s World City,” says LaValle, “Hong Kong has long been known as a shopping, design and manufacturing capital for the fashion industry. Incorporating an activity like this into a program reinforces this image and connects with delegates’ expectations.”