Sustainable Luxury Hotel Soon to Debut Edible Incentives in St. Kitts

Kittitian Hill Belle Mont Farm, St. Kitts
Belle Mont Farm, Kittitian Hill, St. Kitts

When it opens this December it’s going to knock the socks off of meeting/event planners. It’s not just it’s gorgeous hillside location and the jolting juxtaposition of steep contours, flat coastal plains and the mesmerizing waves of the Caribbean Sea. It’s not the 84 guest houses or seven farm houses that are dotting the lush, and more times than not, edible landscape. It’s the fact that the Belle Mont Farm has all of this in its 400-acre backyard and is also a sustainable luxury destination.

Just 40 minutes from the Robert L Bradshaw International Airport, the organic tropical fruit farm sits in the middle of Kittitian Hill, a farming community where luxury is being defined not by size or possession, but by a commitment to one’s community.

The opening of Belle Monte Farm marks the first big reveal of Kittitian Hill. “Kittitian Hill is tailor-made for incentive groups,” says Belle Mont Farm’s GM, Carlos Salazar. “It’s ideal for planners who are looking for a retreat that allows attendees to immerse themselves in local Caribbean culture and heritage, distinct farm-to-table culinary experiences and wellness offerings.”

With an edible golf course draped in passion fruit, banana, avocado and pineapple trees, a spa set amongst towering ancient mango trees and a sommelier stocked fridge, expect the culinary aspect to follow you around wherever you go. Wooden baskets will encourage guests to forage from the farmland that surrounds them—fresh fruit will be delivered each morning.

The point, Salazar says, is to allow the environment to teach, pamper and comfort you. Al fresco bathroom verandas with freestanding roll-top baths mirror the traditional chattel house—private infinity pools, rainwater showers, 24-hour concierge service and tech touches (pull-down screens, projectors and a tablet loaded with thoughtfully curated films), add an aura of modernity.

The Mango Walk Spa is perched high on the mountain—indigenous treatments, natural pools and secluded tree houses ensure a relaxing experience. Groups can meet high on the slopes of Mount Liamuiga at The Refinery restaurant for creative brainstorming sessions or at The Table for a family-style meal or meeting. Cultural experiences can be had in The Village, where eateries, shops, art galleries and artisian workshops are natural icebreakers for spurring conversation with the locals. As part of Kittitian Hill’s development, the Golden Lemon Hotel on Dieppe Bay beach, just 10 minutes from Belle Mont Farm, is also undergoing restoration, and is expected to feature new accommodations, a bar, restaurant and pool upon completion in 2015.