The Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas Unveils New Spa Products + Group Programs

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The Ritz Carlton

The West Indies-inspired spa at The Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas Resort & Spa soothes the soul with breathtaking views of the ocean and a new series of tropical treatments and products. Treat your group to a full-day wellness program that features a healthy lunch that has been whipped up by some of the resort’s top chefs and a relieving yoga class inside their breezy oceanfront gazebo.

Finish off the day with a sunset sailing aboard Lady Lynsey, the resort’s private catamaran. How’s that for soothing?

Group spa programs are completely customizable, according to the resort’s spa director, Tommy Toth. Toth adds that new scents and oils like coco-mango and pineapple-pear promote the spa’s theme: “Discovering Island Treasures & Caribbean Cultures.”

Prevue: What are some top selling points for groups at the spa?

Tommy Toth: I’ve been working on creating customized menus for groups. If they only have an hour space for a manicure and pedicure, which normally go over an hour, we can customize our services to get the groups in and get them the exact experience they’re looking for. Another thing we can do is create menu cards or spa cards with a group’s itinerary on it so it’s a little more personalized for them, as opposed to giving them an Excel spreadsheet.

Right now I’m more of a personal concierge for groups, handling all our group requests. So they’re not dealing with a front desk agent or someone who may or may not have the information groups need available. They’re dealing with me or my manager.

We also have a pretty robust amenity program for groups, where they can choose from many different amenities. We can do room drops or have them delivered to their satellite check-in. We’ve done chair massages at the group’s satellite check-in too. Of course, satellite check-in is one thing that we offer groups.

Can an outdoor wellness program be built?

Yes. We have a few different venues that groups can choose from like a beachfront gazebo or a seaside terrace. We can also do Hydrotone, which is like water aerobics, in our infinity pool. That’s been a big seller in the past. The beachside gazebo is shaded and we can have some pretty great yoga classes out there.

There are two tennis courts here so we’ve done tennis clinics and group lessons. We offer yoga and have certified personal trainers at hand, along with Zumba instructors. We can customize any of those classes when it comes to the number of people or levels of experience in the group.

With enough notice we can work out a menu with our head chef, since there is no café or fare at the spa itself. We can have it delivered to the studio in between classes or wherever the group is.

How big is the spa?

The spa has seven massage rooms and three dual rooms for both massages and facials. There’s also a wet room where we can do sugar scrubs and body wraps. The locker rooms each have a steam room and the standard amenities in our locker rooms are a Ritz-Carlton brand, called Spa Fresh products.

Our tranquility room has organic tea, citrus-infused water, lemon cucumber water, fresh nuts and apples, and it’s a very relaxing environment.


The Ritz-Carlton
The Ritz-Carlton St. Thomas’ private Lady Lynsey catamaran


What are the spa’s latest offerings?

Our theme at the spa is ‘Discovering Island Treasures & Caribbean Cultures.’ I’m working on enhancing our services with Caribbean scents and textures. I’ve brought in new Caribbean oils like coco-mango, pineapple-pear, citrus nectar and green tea-lemongrass.

Groups can look out through our retail space and see the beach. The whole retail space is newly-renovated so the actual tiles they walk on almost look and feel like sand. They are smelling these scents, looking out onto the beach and walking on this sandy tile and it’s a really neat experience.

We also have mango-tangerine diffusers throughout the spa to get groups into that Caribbean mode of thought before their service. We have the scents in lotions and sugar scrubs as well. We’re working on customizing the menu that way. It’s not completely rolled out yet—it’s one of my goals for the end of the first quarter. But we do have the products and we are using them.

What are some of the treatments offered at the spa?

We can customize and personalize group experiences. Generally we offer 50- and 80-minute experiences but if it’s something they want to abbreviate, so that they can fit something else in, then we can do so. We can also extend the treatment times for them.

Groups can get any type of massage that we offer—the tranquility massage, the therapeutic massage or the fitness massage—using those scents and oils.

What full-day experiences can you put together for groups at the hotel?

We can do a facial, massage, body treatment and lunch out on the beachside restaurant. We can also do a wellness class within that day. With any request, I can sell out the whole spa just to that group for the day.

I’m in close communication with the director of recreation so we can incorporate a catamaran sail. Most of their sails go in the evening so the group can spend the whole day in the spa and with wellness classes. We can even do a walk-and-tone to familiarize them with the property, and then finish it off with a sunset sail. That would be a wonderful day.


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