Wolfgang Puck Serves World-Class Catering to Groups Nationwide

Whether you want a barbecue in Texas, street food in New York or a high-end gala dinner in Washington, D.C., Wolfgang Puck Catering doesn’t have a typical menu for meeting planners to peruse. Instead, the company “learns from each and every client what is important to them and their guests, and then creates a menu specifically targeting those needs, preferences and expectations,” says Stephanie Edens, vice president, national sales.

For instance, the company recently catered a 3,500-pax event for a tech company that featured Indian and vegan cuisines that appealed to a broad range of tastes and a young audience. The dessert station included Pop Rock peanut butter cookie sticks and a liquid nitrogen station.

A more common menu theme is regional cuisine at any of the company’s partner venues across the country.

“When groups are looking for a unique experience in their city of choice, the location is often the initial driving factor,” says Edens. “Our venues offer opportunities to enjoy performances, experience world class art and exhibits, and enjoy amazing views. We also often incorporate action stations into our events, which allow the guests to interact directly with our chefs and provide not only entertainment but also an educational experience.”

Hosting an event at, say, San Francisco’s historic Fillmore Theater—where music greats Jerry Garcia and Jimi Hendrix played—or Atlanta’s Georgia Aquarium—the largest in the world—is sure to impress attendees. And so are the innovative menus that the Wolfgang brand creates.

“We follow Wolfgang’s lead and direction in providing the best quality ingredients, simply prepared,” says Edens. “This allows us to have some fun and play with new ideas and techniques, such as molecular gastronomy. But it always remains about flavor and peak-of-season ingredients.”