The Blue Planet Opens In Copenhagen

Copenhagen gets another unique meeting venue and attraction when on March 22nd ‘The Blue Planet‘ – northern Europe’s largest aquarium and a spectacular building in the shape of a giant seashell – opens its doors to the public.

The impressive 9000 square feet structure is built by the internationally awarded Danish architects 3xN and located in Taarnby just outside Copenhagen on the edge of the Øresund Strait. The new aquarium is characterized by its special form, which has references to ocean eddies. Hence, the venue is inspired by the whirl streams of the sea, shoals of fish, and swirling starlings turning the sky black. The idea is to create an experience of getting below the surface of the sea and into a colorful world of fish and marine animals from all sorts of different climate zones. From the round centre hall of the building the different parts are whirled in the slightly curved sequence of rooms. Approaching the ground, one will experience the building as floating in a circular reflection pool, and a walk through its interior is a travel through several organic worlds…

The Blue Planet, expected to cater for some 700,000 visitors annually, is located just a 5-minute drive from Copenhagen Airport and the Øresund Bridge – the fixed link connecting Denmark with Sweden – and therefore also easily accessible.

From a meeting planners perspective, the MINDblowing venue can cater for all-evening arrangements in the company of hammerhead sharks, giant schools of fish, crocodiles and vibrant coral reefs – as well as for lectures, meetings and conferences with the largest room holding up to 145 persons.