Food and Beverage Q&A: Dawn Bundick, Sales & Marketing Manager Hard Rock Cafe Philadelphia


We spoke with Dawn Bundick, Sales & Marketing Manager for Hard Rock Cafe Philadelphia to learn about fun F&B programs.


Q: What trends are you seeing in private dining, on-or offsite?

A: Fantastic food and drink in regards to private dining is an area that is ever evolving. Trends that have steadily increased over the past six to twelve months are the request for more mini items, food placement and creativity with food and beverage. Mini items range from your traditional Reuben’s to Cuban Sandwiches to Seafood macaroni and cheese.  Presentation with mini items are key, so think about serving the mini Reuben’s with a pickle speared on top with a company branded toothpick,  serve the Cuban sandwiches in cigar boxes and have small shells filled with the seafood macaroni and cheese.  The wow factor is a must when presenting these minis to the guests.

Q: How can planners make F&B events more interactive?

A: Keep your events interactive, steer clear from having too many small tables (four-six), center your food stations so they are the focal point of the room and create a gathering area and conversation amongst the guests. Mix it up, have scattered high cocktail tables amongst lower tables that may seat four. If at all possible keep cocktail rounds free of chairs this encourages movement in the event. Music is paramount, have iPod access allow your guests to have fun with selecting music, creating playlists ensuring that the music has a vibe that matches the guests.  Having your staff informed about the clientele and the purpose of the event is another way to keep the event interactive, staff can suggest specific drinks to go with passed or stationary items and encourage guests try additional items that are being offered.

Q: Do you offer wine, beer or cocktail-related programs?

A: Yes we are constantly “Think outside the box”, creating events based off of pairings, beer and wine and even specialty drinks.  Hard Rock Cafe Philadelphia works with local vendors to bring in their products to assist with these events.  They can be the experts in regards to their product and we are the experts in regards to the food!