Innovation Q&A: Jennifer Dela-Cruz, FICP Planner Member

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Jennifer Dela-Cruz, FICP Planner Member
Jennifer Dela-Cruz, FICP Planner Member

We spoke toJennifer Dela-Cruz, associate director, meetings & events, FICP Planner Member for Royal Bank of Canada to learn more about innovative initiatives.

Q: What types of innovative initiatives has your company implemented this year to improve collaboration and networking?

A: Recently our company adopted a WebEx platform to help facilitate communication among employees in small and large groups remotely around the world. This cost effective method of communication has allowed groups to collaborate and make presentations more interactive, ranging from sharing files to showing video of the speakers.

Q: How much do you interact with meeting attendees via social media?

A: In a financial institution, the use of social media can be complicated. However we have found a couple of solutions that allow both employees and event attendees to participate. Internally, we have our own version of Facebook where we can connect with other employees to share ideas and ask questions. Groups can also be created for different types of specific projects, events and conferences.

Externally RBC has Facebook and Twitter accounts where this is utilized to connect with our clients. For example, our followers are engaged at sponsorship events when a tweet of the day can be highlighted.

Q: How is your company using technology to engage better with attendees?

A: In addition to WebEx, we utilize webcasting for when we have large numbers of employees participating remotely during our executive town halls. Instead of simply sharing the PowerPoint and video of the speakers we have also utilized pre and instant polling to make the meeting more engaging. We survey attendees asking them to submit questions to the executives as well as post live questions and poll the audience to select the question they want asked.

Q: Do you implement cultural arts in your programs? Are these type of events in demand among planners?

A: The RBC Emerging Artists Project consists of sponsorships and donations with organizations whose programs bridge the gap from academic excellence to professional careers in all forms of art. At our internal and external events we show our support by looking to showcase some of the emerging artists within the programs. This can be seen by commissioning artists to perform at our events musically or through dance. As we continue to showcase this program, planners are proud and excited to utilize their skills for their events, and the performers are also excited.