Value Meetings Q&A: Amy Allen, Caesars Entertainment

Prevue asked Amy Allen, director of marketing for Caesars Entertainment, for her thoughts on value programs and events. 

Q: How are you seeing the definition of “value” evolve in the MICE industry?

A: Planners have always demanded value, but they need to be able to demonstrate it now more than ever before; particularly when trying to explain something like how the use of a resort property might be more cost-effective, or why it might make good business sense to choose a destination like Las Vegas.

We try to make it easier for them to do that. We provide information like the fact that tradeshow attendance increases 14% when a show rotates into Las Vegas, and that we have more competitive rates than most other major convention destinations.

We share data comparing the average cost of airfare in and out of Las Vegas to similar destinations. We arm planners with whatever they need to be able to go to their stakeholders and clearly show how the decisions they’re making are providing good value and delivering the best overall ROI.

Q: How does Caesars Entertainment consistently deliver solid ROI to meeting planners?

A: Underneath the hard work and long hours, ultimately the planner’s primary responsibility is to ensure that there’s a return on investment.

As the hotel partner, we have a role to play in that so we try to make it simple to do business with us. We offer unique options and benefits that we hope make the planner’s job a little easier. We ask lots of questions and then we work to create an experience that meets their needs and objectives. We endeavor to be experts at what we do, and we always provide the best possible service to them and their attendees.

If we’re successful, then that takes just a fraction off the planner’s plate. It’s one less thing they have to worry about so they can focus on the rest of the business at hand. That’s how we contribute to the ROI of our customers’ programs.

Q: Are there any parts of a program you’re seeing where groups are willing to spend a little extra?

A: It depends on the type of program and its objectives. If you’re doing a large internal company meeting, you may want to apply substantial resources towards the AV and production. If you’re conducting an award gala or client event, it may be important to offer an elevated level of F&B and entertainment.

For our customers, because we have many properties and vast resources, it’s easy for us to push and pull those levers to match up with the clients’ needs and help them stay within their budget.