Fairmont Mayakoba Launches Corporate Yoga Program for Stress Relief

Apart from the benefit of a calm escape to the Riviera Maya, Mexico, Fairmont Mayakoba is now offering groups another way to relieve stress: the Corporate Yoga program. Exclusive for groups and convention attendees staying at the property, the program allows meeting planners to incorporate a wellness program into their event.The Corporate Yoga program focuses on improving the quality of life for employees through a partnership with the Mexican Institute of Yoga. It includes wellness workshops and yoga classes taught by Ana Paula Dominguez, the founder and director of the Mexican Institute of Yoga and a yoga ambassador for Adidas Mexico.

“There are some companies that nowadays are interested in promoting a healthy lifestyle with their employees, considering the fact that if their employees have good health and their stress levels are manageable, it will be reflected in their work production in a positive way,” says Daniela Arreola, Director of Group Sales and CPM. “So, when you have a conference, group or convention happening, you have the opportunity to reinforce that message by offering not only a yoga class but a lifestyle workshop in your program.”

The wellness program can last anywhere from 60 minutes to three hours, depending on the group’s goal. Arreola says that most groups decide to take a yoga class at the resort’s Willow Stream Spa and then participate in a wellness workshop after the final “Namaste” is uttered.

The workshop is designed around three key components—wellness, prevention and work environment—that will each influence an employee’s quality of life. The wellness aspect involves teaching attendees how to manage and relieve stress and control their emotions through specific yoga breathing techniques and postures that can be performed in the office. The prevention element correlates with the idea of having a balanced diet and habitual exercise routine to achieve more energy and better concentration in the workplace. Lastly, the workshop aims to promote team unity so that they can return to the office and create a more positive work environment.

“A corporate yoga program gives your employees more than the practice of yoga,” says Arreola. “It can be a starting point for some people, but it can also offer an enriched approach to others who already practice yoga but who might not necessarily know how to move this practice to the day to day, like how to handle stress and relax while being in the office. And the result would be better if you have an expert like Ana Paula, who can help in aligning the philosophy of your corporation or the message you want to deliver.”