F&B Q+A 2012: Visit Sweden

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Prevue asked Magnus Lindbergh, Manager of Marketing & Sales, Visit Sweden, his thoughts on F&B trends.

Magnus Lindbergh

Q: Is the farm-to-fork trend continuing to grow?

A: There is a very distinct trend for increased demand from buyers and consumers of goods and services to be performed and produced from a sustainable perspective. Combined with the company’s environmental policies, they require the same approach and actions from their vendors and suppliers. As far as we can see, any additional costs in connection with this will not affect their decisions.

Q: What are some unique dishes specific to Sweden?

A: In Stockholm and throughout Sweden there is a very strong focus on fish and seafood, classified as among the best in the world. The fish you catch in the water stream just outside the Royal Palace of Stockholm is actually eatable and highly enjoyable—that is how clean the water is in the center of our capital. There is also a strong interest for Swedish game, in particular reindeer and moose, which are available during the entire year.

Q: What’s the most spectacular themed F&B event you’ve seen in the last year?

A: There are many to choose from, however, for smaller groups up to 18 persons there is one in particular that I would like to highlight. A visit at Stockholm Glasswork, situated at the famous outdoor museum Skansen.

On arrival the guests are served wine or cocktails and welcomed by the owner who tells the story about the origin of the Glassworks. The owner also presents the rather unique arrangements for the evening.

The dinner table is set in the hut, and besides enjoying a delicious three course meal and superb wines, the guests are given the opportunity to blow their very own glass items to take home as a souvenir. It’s a very enjoyable way for groups to interact during dinner.

Q: What are some local cultural venues for F&B events?

A: There is a very obvious increasing demand for F&B events in cultural venues. In Stockholm and surrounding regions, there are lots of museums, theatres, castles and Manor houses. At Skansen, the open air museum, there is an ancient banquet hall with Old Norse ambience. At the Royal Dramatic Theatre in the heart of Stockholm, you can enjoy a sumptuous dinner in a dramatic setting.

Q: What are some great group restaurants in Stockholm?

A: First we want to mention all the different possibilities at Skansen open air museum, offering the most Swedish experiences in one place. Skansen is located on a hill with a magnificent view overlooking the city. Second, there is The Vasa Museum, the most extravagant banquet hall in the whole world. The magnificent Vasa Ship, sank in 1628, was salvaged in 1961 and it’s now your dining companion. Third, to experience Swedish modernism and design, you have to visit Haga Forum, beautifully located in Hagaparken, the world’s first city park, close to Brunnsviken, a bay in the Baltic. And finally, Operakällaren is one of the most well-known restaurants in Sweden.

(The above information was compiled with the assistance of: profilrestauranger.se, offering some of the top F&B venues in Sweden.)


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