Iconic St. Regis Aspen Resort Gets a Major Facelift

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St Regis Aspen Colorado
St. Regis Aspen Resort

There has never been a more suitable place in Aspen to discuss corporate strategies and larger-than-life business deals than at the recently redesigned St. Regis Aspen Resort that effortlessly oozes quiet power. Giving much needed reprieve to the omnipresent modernity in design, this St. Regis property pays homage to the Gilded Age, when everything was grand, and well…gilded.

Designers behind the $40 million project didn’t sway far from a literal interpretation of said style, delivering a grand staircase between the lobby and lower level ballrooms that would make Ginger Rodgers swoon. Not to mention the walls and millwork that were carefully painted to emphasize the traditional moldings and character not only in common areas, but also throughout property’s 25,000 sf of meeting and ballroom space. Those elements do a fantastic job offsetting large antique mirrors, exaggerated tufted sofas and elegant furnishings.

Naturally, this architectural walk on the historic side does not extend to the modern array of amenities. All 179 rooms and suits come outfitted in state-of-the-art technology, and the marbled bathrooms are fit for royalty.

Need a cozy place to sip a glass of cognac if you gave the butler a night off? Head on down to the newly created library decked out with a fireplace, sofas and bookshelves. Want to savor some deliciousness? St. Regis’ Chefs Club will showcase a hand-picked team of best new chefs, who will contribute bi-annually to a rotating menu of seasonally-inspired American Regional cuisine.

Hungry for more?  Remède Spa features a “farm-to-massage-table,” 5-course menu with an amuse bouche (revitalizing oxygen before services), appetizer (30-minute warming scalp massage), main course (90-minute deep hot stone massage), intermezzo (chilled glass of the resort’s “315” bubbly) and dessert (chocolate body facial.) We are feeling beguiled already.


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