Mexico Tourism Campaign: By the Numbers

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Mexico Tourism

What is the preferred destination for Americans traveling abroad? Would you believe . . . Mexico?

It’s true, the Mexico Tourism Board said proudly on March 11, when it presented its “Mexico—Live It To Believe It” ad campaign during Cruise Shipping Miami. The Mexico tourism campaign–which officially debuted in fall 2013 in New York–highlights key regions of the country with dramatic videos. Each video shows enticing scenes of its region and is narrated by an actor portraying a visitor who reminisces about his or her trip, vows to return and then exhorts, “Mexico—Live It to Believe It.”

Rodolfo Lopez-Negrete, the tourism board’s chief operating officer, offered some impressive statistics when he presented details of the Mexico tourism campaign to about 300 guests at a reception at the Mandarin Oriental hotel. He cited numbers from the U.S. Department of Commerce that show Mexico is the preferred destination for Americans traveling abroad, and said U.S. travel to Mexico grew 7.7% compared to 2.5% for other destinations abroad—including fewer than 2% to the Caribbean.

In 2013, Lopez-Negrete said:

  • 23.7 million tourists visited Mexico
  • World tourism grew by 5.0%, Mexico tourism by 7.6%
  • Visits were up 18.5% from 2010
  • The country saw 4.6% growth in number of airline flights, and 5.1% growth in the number of hotel rooms booked
  • International revenue grew to $13.8 billion, an increase of 8.5% that surpassed record performance in 2008

Lopez-Negrete told the audience that the Mexico tourism campaign is intended to show Mexico as a preferred destination with appeal to upscale travelers.


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