Red Star Line Museum Opens to Meeting & Event Groups

Red Star Line Museum
Red Star Line Museum

The Red Star Line Museum in Antwerp, Belgium has opened its doors to meeting and event groups, providing a historical look at the boarding site for 2 million emigrants. The $25 million project renovated and expanded the historic facility to three historic buildings and one new tower.

The complex of historical warehouses is located along the River Scheldt. The museum sits on a 3.5 mile strip located along the riverfront. This is the exact site where 2 million passengers boarded the Red Star Line steamers and traveled to North America. The museum focuses on the steamers and the city. As you enter through the 5,920-sf De Loads shed, you’ll gather in the old baggage area. Tours start in groups of 12, where you’ll move to the Boiler Room to view model ships and learn the history of the city and humanity through a brand new multimedia presentation.

As you make your way through the historic space, you’ll learn about star witnesses like Albert Einstein and Irving Berlin. Docents tell migration stories as you walk through the space, filled with graphics, film and state-of-the-art technology. The main building is an 8611-sf facility that groups can rent out for private functions, dinners and meetings. The space was designed in by Jan Jacobs, who was influenced by the Art Deco area mixed with the classic European architecture found throughout the city.

After the tour, take a walk through the city for an intercultural approach to team building. Walk over to the departure point, where thousands headed to North America more than 100 years ago. The city of Antewerp is constantly developing, adding new restaurants, theaters and entertainment venues, providing meeting/event groups with several options pre/post.

The Antwerp International Airport is only 2.5 miles from the city center,a charming medieval town filled with historic architecture, cobblestoned streets and a variety of meeting hotels, including the Radisson Blu Astrid Antwerp. The 247-room hotel two fine dining restaurants and a welcoming lobby bar. Hotel meeting space includes a ballroom for 600 pax.